Friday, August 6, 2010

Picks are hard

Lollapalooza is here and now and we are full of dilemmas... choosing where to go while at Grant Park is not the issue: we have an explosion of aftershocks around the city. The options on the right side are just the things I think are worth parceling out your precious ears and Etnies to. Let's start with the easy stuff:

The Ettes - 12:30
...but I'll probably get there at 1pm
Mavis Staples - 2:15 (Ana Sia is 2nd)
Drive By Truckers or My Dear Disco - 3pm
Semi-precious weapons
Hot Chip - 6pm
Chromeo - 7pm
Tiga - 8:10pm
2manydj's - 8:30pm
Jet to the Metro - 10:30
Cut Copy - 11pm
Soul Party in Chinatown if it's still going on - 2am
Orchard Lounge at Smartbar since it's the only late night thing I've heard of

aaaaand.... let's update this tomorrow. Merde I need to get out of here.


Larry said...

Any new updates coming soon?

Larry Nguyen said...

still no updates.