Thursday, May 1, 2014

Listen to it again

There are times in your being where you feel you know someone or something so well and are so familiar with it yet you find another facet of it and it completely changes how you view it. The common example for me is when listening to a song, I normally immerse myself in its melody, but after I sit in the car staring at the red and white reflected droplets accumulating and crying on the windshield, sometimes I feel the waves of emotions like a ewered flood of warmth over my head. This song exemplifies that.

Durutti Column - Otis

If you know Otis, this is the source of his lyrics for him.
Tracy Chapman - Behind the wall


Wednesday, September 5, 2012



I found out about Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs while looking over the shows playing around Lollapalooza this year. TEED was at Berlin at the time and after listening to a couple of the videos tracks that he put out, I was bent on going to see this stellar . ...apparently not bent enough since I never made it over. Big mistake.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jam Slow

So I've been noticing a trend that I would hope that others would re- or co-articulate. I didn't quite figure it out until I started realized that I like Skrillex and I got over my mountainous hump of being interested dubstep (trust me, those Whitehorn Mountains of actually liking dubstep are ever-present). First, a bit of inspiration to those who maybe still be on the same page as a the 3-week-ago me:

Ok, that song is the super jam. BUT WHY. My theory, it's got all the distortion, dissonance, and discontinuities that dubstep has (and bangers had) but you can dance to it unlike dubstep. But why can you dance to 'Bangarang'? Because there's no anti-gyrating half-tempoing twice in the middle of the damn track where the only thing you can do is head bang / slam / ram to your bro friends. Enough unhappiness... the point is coming up.

More after jumping...