Wednesday, September 5, 2012



I found out about Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs while looking over the shows playing around Lollapalooza this year. TEED was at Berlin at the time and after listening to a couple of the videos tracks that he put out, I was bent on going to see this stellar . ...apparently not bent enough since I never made it over. Big mistake.

His voice is somewhere in between Toro from Toro y Moi and Erlend Øye, floating non-chalantly as just louder than a whisper over the sometimes pulsing yet disjointed beats (Stronger) while at other times over something haunting (Solo), or over something housey like Your Love:

I'm really glad that this guy is around; this harks back to the faster-paced hits of yore for me and gives me hope for wearing out the bottoms of my shoes in the Primary's of the world. On the flip side, he can just overcome the friction of his fingers and germinate a field of downtempo tracks that pairs well with a sinking couch and a sherry. Sign me up.

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