Thursday, January 5, 2012

New PNAU Now Plus Spank Rock

Yes, 'now' really was back in July, but since I haven't been paying attention to one of my favorite artists lately, they slipped right past the lighthouse. These guys are always a hoot and this album is full of happiness. 'Unite Us' is somewhere between doing cartwheels on the 4th of July at night and exchanging smiles with your best friend at a wedding. It should be no surprise that 'Unite Us' could feel a little like 'Come Together', and since I'm smitten by the smiles I really don't care as I'm sailing in these fellows' positive breezes. 'Everyone' reminds me a little of the Presets, vocally, but is distinctly PNAU with the waves of cymbals, octavonal synths, and never in a minor key. I'm trying right now not to beam too much, but it's a real trick especially after just watching Love Actually (my #2 uplifting movie next to High Fidelity).

PNAU - Unite Us (Kris Menace Remix)

Part Deux: Spank Rock has a new album
Not only was I sleeping for PNAU, I did the same for Spank Rock who apparently was hiding over in Deutschland with Boys Noize, not only working on an album, but signing up with them. Same old quality dirt. Yes.

By the way, the director of the video, Allen Cordell, loves the ridiculously / disgustingly / disturbingly / visually awesome (I think the hot pink, telekinetic Telly knockoff vid is my fav).

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