Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love this guy.


and because I actually want that stuff and I've got too much time on a tuesday, go ahead and put this stuff in Excel:

[Fuzz] Records, Zed - Plastic Love, Booby trap, Mya - & the mirror, Alexander Robotnick - C'est la Vie, Danser! naif orchestra, Gina & The Flexix - I wanna believe, Il Generale, Ludus, Anski? - Stupefacente, Living On Video - Trans-X (Digital World), Boys next Door - Lady of the Night (Louisa), Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair, Time, Stop Jap ...The Stalin, Lärm - Campaign for musical destruction, I Pofondo? Rosso, Kraftwerk - I'm the operator of my pocket calculator, B.G.K. - Jonestown Aloha!, Nervebreakers, Nipdrivers, Phantasm - You're Already Dead (Blood Stained), Greenskeepers, Silent Circle - Stop The Rain [Koda], Tea ês - Captain Terra X (24 More Hours), Kirlian Camera - Blue Room, Maro Fruttero - Fairyland, Kylie Minogue - The One, Modem - Your Fux, Phil Sun - Danse? on the ___, Rockets - Galaxy, [Flash] Records?, Easy Going, New Romantique - Amy Like An Angel, Joy - Hello, Why are you hurtin' me so much, Paul Rutherford, Atlas - UFO Robot, Francesco Salvi - C'e Da spostane? una macchina, Unit4, Magic fly - Space, Menergy, Giorgio Moroder, John Carpenter, Harry Thumann - Underwater, Laser Dance, fizz, Lugio Battisti, EvitaEvitaEvita, Ken Laszlo, The B52's ?, Magic Fly, Passion, C 365, Spatla Disco 2008, Superb Super Pop Session #2, Star Peace - Droids, Black Devil

and another winner by him sans le danse,

If you're in Chicago, the only two places I know of to get stuff like this is Grammaphone and Hot Jams. Hot Jams is ridiculously under the radar with north side folk. Go down Archer already! Oh by the way, Robotnick is coming to Sonotheque on 10Oct. Yes. Last times when I saw him at RedNo and the warehouse party near the river and belmont/elston killed. I don't think people are into Italo as much as I am, but people were really going for it with him.

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