Monday, July 27, 2009

Kurt Vile's splinters

This morning prior to heading out, I'm checking out one of my buddy blogs, Cold Splinters. Jeff, has a penchant for really chilled out, really good music that is oft guaranteed to put me in a quality relaxed mood. The concept behind Cold Splinters takes the outdoors and puts it in a practical/spiritual/emotional light that continuously makes me desire for a doppelganger life in Yosemite (with easy access to snowboarding of course). This one he put out by Kurt Vile is no exception.

Kurt Vile - Overnight Religion

I can also see why he likes the song as the style is akin to what Jeff would play too: primarily lo-fi, reverbed/delayed vocals with a progressing guitar riffs. I can't actually upload the tracks I have of his because they aren't mastered yet, but believe that when he actually releases his album that you will want to pick up a pair of copies.

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Jeff said...

I love you, Conrad.