Saturday, July 25, 2009

Neglection and Distraction

cred: Robin McKendrick Pesceone via Neo 30th anniversary pics on F'book

I got a Valerie Compilation mixtape some moons ago and never really did a proper post on it primarily because I didn't think it was all that great. I have to say, the human element amongst the boop-boop-beep-beeps of the track sends me into guaranteed gyrational korper-movements. The Valerie folk on the tape have the electronic part on lock, but it's the lack of vocals that really distressed me. Enter the Maethelvin Mix.

Maethelvin - MTLV Time Travel Mix

Casco - Cybernetic Love
Kasso - Dig It
Angie St. Philip - Light Up My Heart
Exposé - Come Go With Me <----
Nuance - Take a chance
Future World Orchestra - Captain Coke
Combo - Just Change (Loose Shus Remix)
DVAS - Society
Maethelvin - Delight

Big big holy shit. This is pure mental extraction of my personal delights robbed from me while I was unsuspecting to create a concoction consisting completely of my desire to be born again but in 1963 with infinite supplies of Dep. The last track is def in the Intro Body vein. Speaking of which, a quasi-reunion tour is forthcoming.

For your portable YouTube DJ playlist:

And the real thing (update 25Jun11)

Expose - Come Go With Me by jpdc11

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