Wednesday, September 9, 2009

La Roux mon La Roux

So I can't tell you how much I love this girl and this album. I think the CD laser is going to burn through it by the end of the month.

Not only is she beautiful, but her voice pierces my heart with femininity darts.

However, (there's a however?!), yes however I don't think she's matched up with the right production people. Already I've got 20 different remixes, with 10 just for Bulletproof, that different people have mixed. Her voice and lyrics are fantastic, but the current instrumentalism behind her is lacking. I can understand it's synthpop and I love that sort of sound, but sometimes it is just downright cheesy (Cover my Eyes, As if by Magic). After seeing the same thing for the video for 'I'm Not Your Toy', I almost feel that whoever is managing Elly is taking advantage of her talents.

Decent video:

Bad video:

Great Video:


According to La Roux's myspace, she's supposed to be playing at Schuba's on 21Oct. I don't see anything yet, but I will be there for sure if it's the case. Checking tomorrow.

I emailed the booking manager at Schuba's and he tells me that she's scheduled to play Schuba's new venue. It is occupying the space where the Three Penny Cinema on north Lincoln avenue used to take up. Excellence.

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