Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Night Live, ain't no jive


I've been on the prowl to collect a mess of WBMX tapes and let them ride in the Accord. Deephousepage is a great resource and I'm a total new noob when it comes to 80's house. (I'm totally mining that decade for all it's worth.) I try and get this guy from work to come out to Neo all the time, but he says he's past his prime and besides he was Mr. Industrial. As he explains it to me "it took me a while to figure out that no girls liked Nitzer Ebb."

Farley Jackmaster Funk & Julian Jumpin Perez - WBMX Mix 1987

Naturally, I can't find these jams anywhere, because it's either the live mix or it's some rare mix that I can't find. Partial tracklist nonetheless:
Double Exposure - My love is free
Carl Bean - I was born this way (Better Days Mix) (vid)
Luthor Vandross - The Glow of Love
Fatback - Backstroke (vid)
Take That - Relight My Fire (vid)

And I just got this one (skip to 2min at least)
Bad Boy Bill on BMX in 88

For grins,

Search for all the mixes from that era.
Ah merde! And tonight was the night to go to Neo! 1st Friday's of every month is house music house music.

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