Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vexed Pulp

The primary motivation of me even listening to these guys is the return of Larry to Chicago for my bday:

I'm normally not a Britpop listener, but for a solid 2 weeks I've had these guys on repeat in my car and felt compelled to share. The tracks hark back to the days of Lipgloss in Denver for me, especially 'Disco 2000' where it begs to drink $2 gin/tonics while jumping up and down in everything Buffalo Exchange. Even further back, 'Underwear' was my exact feeling in high school at my crush sophomore year while she was dating this really cool fuck-up:

I couldn't stop it now. There's no way to get out.
He's standing far too near. How the hell did you get here.
Semi-naked in somebody else's room.
I'd give my whole life to see it.
Just you stood there only in your underwear.

Like my own from the same era:

Stop it Conrad
Stop looking at my legs
'Cause if I catch you
You'll be walking on pegs

Pulp - Common People
Pulp - Disco 2000
Pulp - Underwear

Different Class totally characterizes all the babe angst I've had throughout the years. Maybe I should have been writing music about all my failings so I could fall into the stereotype of musician-has-following. Every DJ gig I had included a fangirl or two with the same foolish output: "beat it, I'm working here." I now understand why parents give their kids advice... I just need to figure out a better marketing method than normally employed by the olds. You should have figured out by now that naturally I know nothing about Pulp... except for them handing me an old summer preview TV Guide with Season 2 of Voyager and the ghosts of girls past, my hands never held their ass.

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Larry said...

IMO, Different Class is the seminal album of the 90's Briish invasion along with Parklife by Blur and possibly What's the Story (Morning Glory) by Oasis, however, it is this Pulp album that most aptly embodies the longing, the class tensions, and atrophying banality of that time and place.

Pulp were one of the first bands I'd ever seen in concert and they completely blew me away and at the time, I couldn't understand what it was about the band that made such an impression. I think it was because the aforementioned themes seemed to really resonate with me during that time (adolescence) where boredom, hormones and identity consumed most of my thoughts.

I'm really glad you like this band Con!