Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nouvelle Vague

The other weekend I had the pleasure of going to dinner at smunderground, done by Sachin and Meagan, two culinary experts and entrepreneurs in the Chicago underground dinner scene.

Beef cheek brisket with pureed kale, sassafras sauce, fried sweetbreads and cream, vacuumed potatoes turned tots, fennel/cilantro salad

Not only was the food incredible, a lot of the songs that were playing caught my ear. In particular, I heard this cover of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' in the style of bossanova. Wow.

More after jumping...

Doing more digging, these guys do wonderful acoustic versions over and over again for other pop songs:
Nouvelle Vague - Blue Monday (also bossanova)
Nouvelle Vague - This is Not a Love Song
Nouvelle Vague - Master & Servant feat: Martin Gore
Nouvelle Vague - Dancing with Myself
Nouvelle Vague - Fade to Grey <--- Win

They are an all-girl-vocal group out of France that simply do a phenomenal job. The name Nouvelle Vauge is French for "new wave", just like bossa nova is Portuguese for "new trend", hence their focus on that lovely genre that I'm obsessed with too. Whether you're sauntering through the fog of an early morning Logan boulevard or halloween is over and couples have already coupled up, this is the music you should be immersing yourself with. I'm sitting here do my own personal immersion and find myself sleepily reaching for the cup of chai next to my cup o'noodles sitting next to Patty O'Furniture.

Oh, and happy valentine's day.

(btw, I just made the connection today that 'vox' referring to vocals rhymes with folks, not box. duh. aside over)

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