Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sounds to Silence

I was passively listening to NPR one day and heard a familiar french voice speaking along with some familiar french names. I held my hand back from turning off the ignition and sat in front of my house. Good thing I did. I was pleasantly surprised that Air was scoring an old film called Le Voyage dans la Lune. I had never heard of it prior to but some digging around led me to understand that it was basically the first science fiction film made and a nod to Jules Verne.

The story during their interview was that Godin and Dunckel were asked to do it a month before it was to debut at Cannes, 16 May 2011. At the end of endless nights, they hadn't even seen film with the score together prior to the showing. Now, the soundtrack is a available, and the DVD is set to arrive at ye olde Logan Square at the end of the month. I'll have a showing, but my pal Christopher downloaded it earlier this week (no, I'm not going to cheat). For some clips (a different kind of cheating), you should go here.

Note that this isn't the first time that Air scored a film. You would remember that they did Virgin Suicides and former (then-current) drummer, Brian Reitzell, pulled off Lost in Translation... both Sofia Coppola films, both great soundtracks.

Soulwax is taking the space-themed soundtrack route as well... though not as elegantly as Air is. Here the Dewaele brothers do what they do best: jam.

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