Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The English Velvet

Yesterday I received my periodically-arriving music sampler from Fabric. You pay an auto-fee of £8 (i think) and this club/label sends you a mix. Granted I don't plan on ever queuing up there anytime soon to pay 5 quid for a nukey brown (P.S. Brits hate the stuff), but their mixes from Cut Copy, Diplo, Spank Rock, Devlin & Darko, etc. are true winners. Next one coming is from Simian Mobile Disco. I've got some DnB turkeys most recently, however there was a diamond in the rough (I'm not a fan of drum n' bass) from Noisia:

Noisia - Brown Time

I think my dislike of DnB stems from the fact that I like to dance to tracks (versus having a seizure) and that the focus is on the beat, rather on the song as a whole. Maybe it's too complicated for me and I like that poppy shit. Probably the closest I've come to liking it would be The Prodigy, although their stuff is all over the place.

The Prodigy - Ruff In the Jungle Bizness

So back to Fabric. The other track that I wasn't aware of that is simply badass (according to spellcheck, badass is supposed to be hyphenated to bad-ass) is, naturally

Daft Punk - Face to Face (mixed in).

Shit this song is so tight I can't believe I didn't post it earlier. Now that I installed my new Blaupunkt soundsystem in the Accord, it will be even more bad-ass.

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