Saturday, July 19, 2008

Playing Live

So last night I went to the Empty Bottle with a little group of folk and made it to about the door to check out Guns n' Bombs. I guess they had just came on, but everyone outside was saying that there wasn't anybody really inside, let alone people dancing. My prediction was incorrect... I guess everybody had gone to darkwave. By now it was about 12:30 and it wasn't worth it to go. Interesting.

Furthermore, there was a guy from Abe Vigoda that we were talking to was basically slamming New Rave in general saying that it it's annoying, isn't original, and just a strange phenomenon in general. People were expecting me to really dig into this guy because they know that I really like the stuff, but what he was saying was true. There is a lot of stuff out there that falls into the genre that gets repetitive. I don't know how true that is for GnB, seeing as I do think their remix style has some originality. Thinking about it today, there is a rift between the punk crowd and the electro crowd, which could be an easy excuse to explain away the guy's comments. However he said that Justice just uses Ableton and that's basically it. Really? ...really? Looking online this morning, I see similar info here and here saying they use Ableton, a microKorg, a Lemur, and some pioneer cdj's. I don't know what I should think about that. For comparison purposes a la the googlepedia:

JazzMutant Lemur
Korg microKontrol
Pioneer CDJ-1000's
Apogee Ensemble
Cubase SX

Daft Punk:
Ableton Live
Behringer BCR2000 MIDI controllers
(4) miniMoog Voyagers
Roland TR-909, TR-808
Emu 3, ARP Odyssey, AMS Phasers
Among other stuff

Regular drums and crazy synths for Nite Versions.
Uhh.. watch this:

By the way, one of the girls in our group, Eleni, said the #1 song in Brazil while she was there was this:

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Larry Nguyen said...

Yeah, I heard they used Garageband for Studio Production....Crazy!