Saturday, December 13, 2008

Overchill, Overdue

A sorry goes out to all 3 readers of this blog. I've been sitting on this song for over a month now and haven't posted it. Floating with the clouds of gentle waves of the airy organ, an underpinned drum beat eggs you on. I really enjoy chilled out electro tunes like this one. For some reason these don't show up as often as they should. I don't think I'd want an entire album of the same style, but just a collection of little beachcombed finds.

Sisters of Transistors - The Don (Hot Chip Remix)

By the way, please don't listen this song through sub-par speakers. At least use decent headphones because otherwise the kicks are too pronounced and that's not what this track is about.

As a bonus, you should have this one too. I don't think it was released on any !!! album, just as a single and they've never performed it at any of the concerts I've seen them at, even though you kind of need Stephen Merritt's (of The Magnetic Fields) voice. By the way, Nic Offer (lead !!! vocals) puts on a damn good show and his white guy dancing rivals even Tim's.

!!! - Take Ecstasy With Me

P.S. Original Magnetic Fields version:

P.P.S While we're on the subject of chill tracks, I sent this one out to the Canadians last month. It follows the theme, although this one has a more driving drumline and is not really that relaxing towards the end.

Hot Chip - Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Rework)

By the way, you should really buy these tracks. I got Take Ecstasy With Me for the cover, and I had to do an LP rip of the Erol edit.

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