Saturday, December 20, 2008

A path divided

I'm in the midst of an mp3 purge. I've taken on a lot of blog bulk and I hate deleting music, but I don't want to capitulate into getting a new computer / upgrading the HD / etc. So while sifting through this, I found a bunch odd stuff (maybe next post) but I also came upon and idea for auto-DJing. The concept is basically you preprogram your sets and this program would capture your track paths as a sort of roadmap as to how to mix automatically without you there. The result would be a database of cues and mixes done by yourself, or your favourite DJ's or randoms. You'd have all of your songs that you like in a list and the program puts the same sort of effects, loops, cutoffs, etc that, say, Devlin and Darko use. Granted this is all cheating, but instead of downloading mixes done by folk that sound the same every time, you are playing music that is can be more entertaining based on how the DJ's have done there various performances. A sort of choose your own adventure.


From a Soulwax mix (Radio Soulwax #5), these 3 tracks work together well.

Junkie XL - Check Your Basic Groove
New Order - Confusion
Super 2000 vs. Daft Punk - Around the World

However, I would not put 'Around the World' there, but rather work Gerri into Confusion's bassline:

Gerri and the Holograms - Gerri and the Holograms
Santogold - Anne (Switch Mix)
Santogold - LES Artistes (XXXchange mix ft: Movado) <-- Fantastic

which come from the Diplo Dub of Santogold. Now, since these both come from mixes themselves, they have 'paths' of their own, it's just that you forked your way from one to another. More popular songs will have more deviations (like Around the World) and that path might lead you to some other interesting (you know if a guy likes Daft Punk as much as I do, he might have something else up his sleeve that I'm unaware of).

This is what I'm getting at:

I don't know, it sounds like an interesting product if someone were to make it, but what DJ would sign themselves up for it to give their secrets away and who would judge what makes a good transition? Ok, how about something smooth now instead (again a la Radio Soulwax #5)...

Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further
TLC - Unpretty

Oddly enough, on the mix, these two precede the Junkie XL track from above.

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