Thursday, January 1, 2009


So for my NYE last night I went to see Justice + company: Dark Wave Disco DJ's, Willy Joy, Zebo, So Me, and a little duo called The Glamour (alt site). I feel like I've seen them before, but I have to say, they are excellent. Don't get me wrong, DWD will always have a place in my heart, but there are other people out there. Something about their style is different from Trancid and Co. probably due to the ~10 year age difference and location or maybe that I've been going to Sonotheque for 3+ years for DWD and I know the standard feeling of songs that they play. When The Glamour put on that Quicksand remix track by La Roux, the deal was sealed. It's funny that you can meet/hear someone from a remote location anywhere, or even in the same city, and they will be into the same music that you're into, if not the same songs, and it's not something like Beatles or Franki Valli but things that you think are obscure and in your secret stash (granted, La Roux is on Kitsune).

About my new found aural pals: Asher Grey lives in Milwaukee and goes by Diamonds when he's not paired up and Richard Galling (The Kelly Green) goes to art school in Pasadena (according to myspace, although Asher said last night that he goes to Yale... I'd prefer to believe the live person).

Per their myspace, they did a mix for DiscoBelle. Slightly old, but badda bing:

The Glamour - Mixin' It Up (direct link to mp3)

More and more, i'm discovering that Milwaukee has stuff going on there... you just have to dig harder than you do in Chicago. Let's go!

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