Friday, January 23, 2009



Oh my. I've been so bad to you guys lately, selfishly keeping these to myself... listening to them almost everyday in the car without any consideration to how tight these are.

La Roux - Tigerlily (not the whole thing. Can't find it. Unfair!)

Kid Alex - Fame (Headman remix). Headman myspace. Indie/electro/pop/dance/yowza. No srsly, this guy is intense. He just did a podcast for Modular here. I'm listening to the myspace songs and I think it's time to go out. With you.

Kano - Another Life. Beginning taken into Discopolis. (mp3 later)

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat (Cut Copy Mix) <-- Tres boss.

AAH! Get them all and start floor stomping. Not too much though. Apparently Mark Gertz of the DWD DJ's was doing a mix and it was just him and his gf and it was so good that he was stomping so hard he broke his foot. True story. My hair dude told me.

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