Sunday, February 1, 2009

Takes time

My laptop has been utterly, terribly fickle and as a result I have been deprived of tune-listenage. But I have this Canadian friend (now pen pal) in and around Victoria who just dumped a bunch of good tunes on me a pair of weeks ago that I finally got around to listening (on one of my roommate's computers.) Not bad. I still haven't gotten through all of it since I can't get a decent hour to myself at a decent hour. Here are some highlights so far:

Fur Bearing Animals - Space Shuttle Worn Machine (website)

Chad Van Gaalen - Molten Light
Video (creeptastic!):

More later, hopefully sooner.

1 comment:

aliya said...

check your fbook, she just dumped some more stuff on you.

glad you're diggin it