Monday, February 9, 2009

NI's Maschine Maschine Maschine

Normally I get these emails from NI (Native Instruments: the guys who make Traktor) as well as NI (National Instruments: the guys who make Labview), neither of which I really care reading about. However, today I see that Native came out with this thing called Maschine (German for... you guessed it). Now I already have a drum machine, keyboard, MIDI controller, sequencing program, etc, why do I want this thing?

I don't know, probably because this thing is cool.

I already see two features I really like: an Undo button and the fact that when you record, a given sample hit doesn't have to fall exactly into a 1/16th note time rounded up or down when you record on the fly which is a big gripe of mine of the Electribe. Now I just need to try it out and wait a year for the price to fall. ($650!)

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