Sunday, January 11, 2009

That Ghost

Mysteriously, I received a CD & 7" in the mail, which I am not complaining about at all. (Probably another one of my online impulse buys.) Again, no idea how I found them. I'm definitely drawn to their vocal effects that The Strokes used on Is This It but they use it on every song. For whatever reason, I don't mind it unless I start to think about it whereas 808's and Heartbreaks' auto-tune is very distracting.

That's probably why I like these guys: because they kind of remind me of The Strokes and therefore freshman year of college. They are not the analogue of Vito & Co.; that's not the picture I'm trying to paint. Although, I do say that if you like the Strokes musically, you would like these guys. I would not put these fellows in the same realm of the Strokes wannabe people like The Killers or other popular "The" bands since some tracks are more acoustic and others are very hard-bluesy (e.g. they are talented). For the $15 that I spent, they are worth it.

That Ghost - I Crossed Out The Options

That Ghost - Friends in Quotations

Bonus post-it from the twosyllable label. Clue for how I heard about them? Mutual inebriation?


Tim said...

You found out about it here!!!!:

That is Tobin's friend's record label, Zach. Friend's with Jeffy in NYC.

That Ghost is good stuff

Ellen said...

what's he sorry for? did he try to make out with you? because making out is never reason for apology.