Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hands off! Dance off!

5min wake up bike ride at the company gym and a red bull later, work was still fading me. Luckily there is the Accord and the Bang Gang DJ's (another post). After seeing my downstairs neighbors take the dog out for a spin, that leaves me power on the 200W amp...

Yello - Oh Yeah

(You will recognize that from Ferris Bueller). Still not satisfied as the song that kind of goofy in its entirety (sampling is great of course), I needed to kick it up a notch.

Boxcar - Free Mason

80's ladies and purveyors of classic fag jams will love this one. If someone is interested in opening up a discotheque with me whose digital effects consist of massive 7-segment displays and a programmed, backlit dancefloor sign me up. Neon is a must. Once we get there, the first playlist will consist of:

DVAS - Eternity (Beyond Forever)

Jan Hammer - Payback (DVAS’ Nash Bridges Edit)

Grace Jones - Williams’ Blood (Aeroplane Mix)

Funky Family - Funky Is On

K.I.D. - Don’t Stop

Force of Nature - I-ight

Kris Menace - Metropolis (Serge Santiago Italo Boot Edit)

DVAS - Le Tino (Radio Edit)

Tangerine Dream - Le Parc (DVAS’ Norman Tuttle Edit)

The Korgis - Drawn and Quartered (DVAS Edit)

Zombi - Zapphire (Escort Remix)

Danny Howells - Right Off (Faze Action Remix)

Fallout - The Morning After (Sunrise Mix)

DMX Krew - I Won’t Forget

Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice

To really put yourself there, close your eyes and click...

DVAS - Panoptic Animations

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Money Mike said...

*slides in on fresh tube socks...*

Did somebody say, "80's music"??? :-D