Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whom to see, whom to see...

Lollapalooza is this weekend, and I've been garnering some research in order to figure out my route. Naturally I'm looking back at prior gatherings and being reminiscent. I'm very lucky to have been to so many great shows at these festivals. Here are the current winners that I can think of in 5min in no particular order:

Daft Punk (Coachella 07), feet so tired from dancing
Spank Rock (Coachella 07)
Depeche Mode (Coachella 07) sneak
Out Hud (Intonation 2005), a religious experience
Flaming Lips (Lollapalooza 07, Pitchfork 09, Monolith 08)
Justice (Coachella 07, Coachella 08)
Kraftwerk (Coachella 08)
Prince (Coachella 08) very talented
!!! (Coachella 07, Lollapalooza 08)
Of Montreal (Pitchfork 07) Kevin Barnes' wife in a gold leotard...
Klaxons (Pitchfork 07 Coachella 08)

I'll give you the advice, but naturally this list is very Con-centric. I'm trying not to put up a band's remixes no matter how good it is (We Are Scientists - Chick Lit (Danger Mix)... Ay Ay Ay!) since obviously they won't be playing those at the shows. By the way, have you utilized hypemachine's mp3 player? I just really starting using it just now. Now, here it is in a true betrayal to proper chronological order:

Friday August 7th

Depeche Mode (8pm Chicago Stage)

No contest. When I saw them at Coachella last year, they put on a fantastic performance. Two UFO's of electrobrilliance to put forth their amalgamation of massively pumping masterpieces and breath-inducing jams. Dave Gahan's resonating voice is def in my top 5 all time male vocalists. Again, no contest.

(waiting and pressing to get closer to DM) (6:45-8pm)

A-Trak (Perry's 6-645pm) or taking a bathroom break
It's not very flattering to be pitted against a port-a-potty... and lose. However if I don't have the urge to purge then I'll stop by and check out A-trak. You know, if I remember correctly, there are some stages that are not listed on the program schedule especially the dance tent(s). Maybe I'll check that out instead. In any case, maybe my company will want to eat dinner or something. Ha, sorry A-T.

Crystal Castles (Playstation, 5pm)



Fleet Foxes (Vitaminwater, 5pm)


I've seen Fleet Foxes before and I wasn't crashing down the doors in order to see their show. After seeing it however, with their chatty cathy antics and hearing Robin Pecknold perform 'Oliver James' and melting into the person next to me I'm a fan.
Crystal Castles however, I have not seen. I've heard some less than favorable things about their live show in terms of their audience interaction, but I have higher hopes. Plus, it's dancy electronics versus more acoustical vibes (and relatively stinky audience members) and dance tends to beat chill like scissors vs. paper.

Hollywood Holt (Perry's 3:45pm)

Yeah, I just saw him at Sonotheque on Friday, but the guy's stage presence is remarkable. He's slightly shorter but the energy he puts out in jumping up and down on stage and going absolutely nuts is a fantastic sight to be seen.

Now we get into the realm of exploration. Most times in the early afternoons of the concerts are great because they are a chance for trying new things. So we have a couple of options here.

The Virgins (Citi, 3:30pm)
Indie-pop that is worth mentioning. Depending on who I'm with at Lolla, I may check them out.
The Virgins - Rich Girls

Darkwave Disco (Perry's 2:45pm)
The DWD Conspirators - Photo by Tyler Curtis
My old standby. The reason I go to Sonotheque. The reason I listened to bangers. The reason I love the electronic dance. It's another guaranteed show even though I haven't been to Darkwave in a while (actually I don't think they do it anymore). Truly though, I feel like it's the old me of 2005-2009. Oh shit, am I getting old?

White Lies (Bud 2pm)
It's tricky for me to go see a band that I haven't heard before a couple of times, but that's why I'm doing what I'm doing right now. The couple of songs that I have heard just now are interesting enough for me to check them out. Again, it is the vocals that are attracting me to these guys. I think the guy's voice sounds like a cross between of Paul Banks of Interpol fame and The Killers' Brandon Flowers. I don't know who the gal is on the cover song below, but winner too. Downside of these guys? Very poppy and overly refined.
White Lies - Death
White Lies - Death (Chase & Status Mix)
White Lies - One Ones Who Know (Arctic Monkey's Cover)

Amazing Baby (Citi 2:15pm)
Yeah, you know... these guys haven't done it for me. I feel like I should see them just because they are in town. They were supposed to be the next MGMT according to this guy but they may afford that more to the fact that they are buddies with them. I think the blogworld response to them has been super hyped and their association to hipsterdom doesn't help their cause in my world either. Eh, you make the decision:
Amazing Baby - Supreme Being

Dental Appointment (Dr. John 10am)
No seriously, I need to go to the dentist in the morning.

Nothing else is really catching my attention in the morning. Maybe I'll just wander and try not to tempt myself with buying stuff at the Virgin store.

(Hmm... now I have to do Saturday and Sunday. Next one...)

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