Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best show this year

I bought a Fever Ray ticket a while back knowing that I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to see her again. My affinity for Karin Andersson because of The Knife was up there and I thought Silent Shout was a decent album, but I definitely would not have put it at #1 back when it came out. All expectations were crumbled.

Fever Ray is haunting
Fever Ray is a dream world
Fever Ray is putting me in a trance

I had to be sneaky to take some pictures using the phone since the staff (at Karin's request) wouldn't let you take any pictures. I thought that was rather lame, but after seeing what the show entailed I now understand. Right now I'm in conflict in as to whether or not I want to divulge the scenery to you, dear reader, because I have never experienced anything quite like it. So, let's compromise.

Fever Ray - When I Grown Up


more photos

You will notice a multitude of things in this photo. Lasers juxtaposed with your grandma reading lamps, a man (#3 from left) with feathers protruding from his chest, a dark blob of cloth in the middle (Karin), and not noticeable is a man behind the lamp right in front of me. He has a large hat and seems like he is doing all the programming (maybe the lights too). Most of the show was enshrouded with fog which made me feel like I was on the Swedish tundra and then sneaking into a crystal concert hall watching some dark religion's evening entertainment. The scene, whether in my mind or on stage, was perfect for the pulsating music and lights combined with Karin's vocodered demon-voice only to be confirmed when the fog was blown away.

This thing was better than Of Montreal and on par with Flaming Lips or Super Furry Animals in terms of scenery and concept, but was the polar opposite in what in conveyed which I found refreshing. Fever Ray was uplifting not because it was fantastical and whimsical, but rather because it wasn't cartoonish and you could be sucked into it.

Stand in front and go see the show.

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