Friday, May 30, 2008

Canasta, but not the game

Back in high school, I used to play Canasta on the computer versus other people online while listening to the Prodigy. More recently, I heard these guys on WLUW. I have tons of little slips of paper and business cards with random songs I hear on the radio, but normally I don't really act upon actually seeking them out mostly because I wouldn't know where to look and I'm not getting a whole album for a single.

However, I told a guy at work before he left to "slow down" today and I was reminded of this song. Good ole hypemachine pointed me in the right direction and here it is:

Canasta - Slow Down Chicago

This is a song that runs counter to my general electro/dance habit, but I like it (probably because it's indie pop). I see that the link points to their site if you want more information.

P.S. Do-Division is this weekend if you're into the 1900's, Ted Leo, or Mucca Pazza. I think they have lots of food too.

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Larry Nguyen said...

I like the Canasta song. Now you should use Prodigy ( ) while listening to Canasta.