Friday, May 30, 2008

Houston Soundtrack

This song really did it for my while driving 57 down there between downtown, Sugarland (a suburb), and the Bush airport. 90miles in the first 12 hours. Although I did see a biker dude, hardly any pedestrians were on the street.

P.S. Don't ask me where I get this stuff. Most of it comes from blogs that I download everything I see. I pitch the crap and keep the good and the mediocre. Why mediocre? Because sometimes I haven't warmed up to a song until I listen to it a couple times. It's akin to some people who are not really into a song until they've heard it about 30 times on the radio. I don't know of many folk (then again I don't really talk about this with anyone) who actually hear a song that deviates from their current aural palette and says "yes, this new sound is excellent." I'm talking about a really new sound, not a variation on a theme. For example:

Start off with the Ghosthustler song above which has the 80's synth feel but with upgraded effects and bass line. It has few, simple, musical parts but it is fairly vocal and has wailing keys occasionally. Now take this one:

Moulinex is badass. He's one of those guys who when he touches tracks it's guaranteed gold. Hypemachine him. This one is also fairly vocal. It also has those octave-y parts which give the easy 80's touch. It's dancy, but more so than the last one (faster beat and more oom-chah). I'm going to make a sweeping generalization, but anything with distortion keyboard (the bass line here) is basically imitating Justice nowadays. Sorry if I'm killing the song for you (another post, another day) but that's how I feel. Anyway, I'd say that if you like the first song, you'd like this one. 

I really like this song. I first heard it in an Erol Alkan mix (whom I also like). Anyway, the previous two are dancy and so is this one, but it takes some time for it to get going (I almost feel like it's just a long-ass intro). However, this one doesn't use any 80's tricks, it has a slightly more complicated beat, and the vocals are more house-y (not as lengthy and it's a girl). Ok, I suppose that this song isn't a serious departure from the other ones, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's easy to get pidgeonholed into a genre, or even worse a sub-sub-genre, and not want to give other things a chance because you're not used to it. My vice is bangers. So take a break from the electro and listen to this:

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