Thursday, November 27, 2008

Late Night Bars

Ugh. I've got a bunch of unfinished, saved posts that I need to polish. Just so busy. However, tonight after colluding with Christopher we concluded that it was too late to go out since it was already 1am and where to go?

I've always wondered where all the late night spots are in town. After looking them up on this site (and after failed me with lack of robustness), I made a google map of 4am's. Here you go.

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I didn't put some of the spots up as of yet since technically their licenses have expired according to the site (I'm looking at you Estelle's), so I'll update it perhaps later. There aren't too many more around that show up, although I don't know if a particular bar went belly-up with the info from the site. What this map doesn't have is all the late night spots that don't have a liquor license but still operate after 2am, like the Pick Me Up cafe. Maybe I'll make a under-21-friendly version later.

Enjoy! ...especially you iPhone/blackberriers.

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