Friday, November 21, 2008


Oh, and I can't hold this back any longer. Yo Majesty's album is alright, even though I plopped the $20 for 2 tickets at the Bottle; it should be a good show. But listening to this track I just need to tell someone that they used a re-organized version of Booka Shade's Body Language for the backing track (or at least the same keyboard patch.)

Yo Majesty - Don't Let Go

Listening to their album Futuristically Speaking, I think they should have spent a little more time outside the studio on this one. Anytime you have a whole TRACK on an album dedicated nowadays to tell people to 'move to the music' or 'get your hands in the air' it makes me think less of the artist. Save it for the live shows honey.
You know every time I listen to music that I think I should like, I feel that later on I actually will like it and I need to give it some time. They've got some good tracks (Booty Klap, Leather Jacket, Don't Let Go, Club Action) don't get me wrong, but I think these guys will fare better in the remix circuit since they have the unique sound of being female, lesbian rappers that hipsters have adopted. They have excellent flows (even hearing when I said that in my head, I'm shaking at my whiteness), but they are trashing the track anytime they try to sing. Just get somebody else to do that; the hard part is the writing and rapping. Hopefully they're not like Chali 2na and take forever to write stuff (my theory on why he only seems to be a featuring on tracks) and they can rap the same way if they're doing a battle. Now THAT would be sweet to see at the show. A Battle!

P.S. They need a new producer.

P.P.S. Reading Pitchfork's review of them at a festival in Norway (Øya), it seems that they're a fan of taking their tops off at shows. Now, I agree with Pitchfork when they say that hopefully people will go to their shows and listen to them for their tunes and appreciate their message/attitude/background/GLBT-friendly ways and not for the tits. Personally, I think I might just close my eyes with the occasional peek like a horny 10-year-old hiding in a closet. Wow... I can't believe how much that summarizes my sex life.

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