Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sloan out

Ok, it's time to flush out all those tabs that I've been for all these weeks. I haven't had ANY time lately. Not to brag, but the past couple of weeks I've been going out a lot... even for me. Going to Neo two saturdays ago and Rehab again that Monday turned out to be really draining. Still, Christopher and I met a really cool pair of W Canadiens (at Sonotheque naturally). We literally spent the entire weekend together. Sorry Aaliya's ma; I'm sure your food was excellent, but hey, so was Chicago Diner's.

First off, here's a guy who orchestrated a surprise wedding at his Halloween party and he acts like Beetlejuice during the entire thing (except vows and I Do). Neat.

Next, I was speaking with Larry about festivals. I don't know if we are old, or just that we've been there done that, but Coachella and Lollapalooza just didn't cut it for us the last go around and we need our yearly reunion somewhere, preferably music-oriented. SXSW is a little too long and other ones around the states I think will give a similar experience to what we're used to (Daft Punk set the bar really high. Twice.) So one idea he had was to go to Summerfest in Barcelona. Plus, the fest is only the weekend and we can stay there for a week or so. Winning hand so far.

Lastly is where I got my Mission Control pic for the prior post. Those guys are awesome... they just need more songs out. Hopefully I'll get word which Tuesday their album will exist.

P.S. One more... this copy of the NYTimes.

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