Friday, April 10, 2009

So it turns out I like Phoenix

I lied. I'm not doing a Nancy Whang post. And why the H in Whang? That's an english unnecessary artifact, not a la Chinese. Anyway, Phoenix is pretty good. I've already posted a track or two but they are worth writing a little about. I don't really care about the text here as much as I do about just posting up the mp3s. So....

Phoenix - 1901

By the way, sorry Phoenix about ignoring you since college. Maybe it's because I associated you with a certain make-out session way back then. Honestly, don't you have song associations with people in your life? It's not something that I consciously do until I realize that when the song comes on I think of the person girl. It's always a girl, who am I kidding.

Nadine: Human League - Don't You Want Me
Katelyn: Any Elliot Smith song
BK: La Roux - Tigerlily
Maria: Jimi Hendrix - Bold As Love

That's all I can think of right now. Wait, isn't this supposed to be a Phoenix post?


Katelyn said...

You asshole. How could you post information about our private times together. Those moments listening to Elliot Smith and making out together were supposed to be special.

You do have a big Hamm though!!!! :)

Money Mike said...

LOL. Oh, the hilarity.

Larry Nguyen said...

This X-men reference is too nerdy...Bravo.