Thursday, April 23, 2009

80's in Chicago

It's going to be 81 for a high for the first time in town this year. What does that mean?

Driving (more) quickly with the windows (more) open
Button down short-sleeve shirts
Beach blanket bingo

I heard this song on WLUW today this morning. I didn't write the name of it down assuming that I'd find it on their twitter where they usually have the playlists show up. Not there, but I remembered the name of the band and after a good ol' hypemachining, I recognized the name. Summer jam candidate?

Pomegranates - Everybody Go Outside! (Live on WOXY)
(For whatever reason I can't upload the track to my own mediafire so you'll have to get it where I got it from for now.)

It's indie rock out of Cincinnati. It has some tint of Arcade Fire and is dancy in a Pitchforkmusicfest-not-darkwave-or-electronic sort of way. Yes, it is atypical to what I usually listen to but I recommend it.

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