Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FAC51 Mix

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A la Trashmenagerie, they did a repost of a mix from 2007 from Radio 1 to celebrate the life of Tony Wilson who had died 2 weeks prior to the release of the mix. No joke, this mix is sweet if you are/were into the Factory Records, Hacienda scene. While you're downloading the mix, you should queue up 24 hour party people in your Netflix. P.S. You need to get all 3 files in order to extract properly since my mediafire account limits the filesize to 100mb. Blah. Extract all to the same directory.

Radio 1 Hacienda Mix (part1of3)
Radio 1 Hacienda Mix (part2of3)
Radio 1 Hacienda Mix (part3of3)

Joy Division ‘Transmission’ (Factory)
Joy Division ‘She’s Lost Control’ (Factory)
A Certain Ratio ‘Shack Up’ (Factory)
A Certain Ratio ‘Knife Slits Water’ (Factory)
Joy Division ‘Atmosphere’ (Factory)
Durutti Column ‘Otis’ (Factory)
New Order ‘Confusion’ (Factory)
New Order ‘True Dub’ (Factory)
New Order ‘True Faith (Morel Pink Mix)’ (Factory)
Happy Mondays ‘Step On (Accapella)’ (Factory)
Happy Mondays ‘Hallelujah (Oakenfold Remix)’ (Factory)
New Order ‘Fine Time (Steve Silk Hurley Remix)’ (Factory)
New Order ‘Blue Monday (Original)’ (Factory)
New Order ‘5-8-6′ (Factory)
Electronic ‘Getting Away With It (Nude Mix)’ (Factory)
Electronic ‘Getting Away With It (Original Mix)’ (Factory)

Marshal Jefferson ‘Move Your Body’ (Trax)
Hashim ‘Al Naafiysh’ (BCM)
Orange Lemon ‘Dreams Of Santa Anna’ (Champion)
Adonis ‘No Way Back’ (London)
Tcoy ‘Carino’ (Deconstruction)
Jomanda ‘Make My Body Rock’ (BCM)
Kenny Jammin Jason ‘Can U Dance (Bonus Jack)’ (Champion)
Rhythm Is Rhythm ‘Nude Photo’ (Transmat)
808 State ‘Pacific State’ (ZTT)
Marshall Jefferson ‘Open Our Eyes’ (FFRR)
Inner City ‘Good Life (Derrick May Remix)’ (10 Records)
Stirling Void ‘Its Alright’ (Dance Division)
A Guy Called Gerald ‘Voodoo Ray’ (Warlock)
Ce Ce Rogers ‘Someday’ (Atlantic)

I do have to admit that the Pete Tong part wins over the other one.

By the way, if the extraction doesn't work, try him.

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