Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Exhibit B: Vuk

I told you before what a great time I had at the Fever Ray show, not the least of which was the opener, Vuk (pronounced Vook). She was so folky however with instruments other than your classic Americana folk implements (fiddle / harmonica / banjo / etc.) using a pump organ named Myrtle and filling the air with her caressing, eloquent, empowered lyrical melodies accompanied by a backing of whimsical yet apropos tunes. She's good. You could use this album for the soundtrack to the sequel to Amelie, but with vocals.

I knew this would be the first and last time I would see her for a very long time, so I made special note to get her album (The Plains) especially to have her sign it. I highly recommend you pick up a copy too. I wish I could say more about the show, but it happened back in October of 09 and honestly it was totally eclipsed by Fever Ray's show (just like many other shows I've seen). She is chatty with the crowd and very inviting into the experience of her performance. Hopefully she will come back to the States so more folk get to accept her invitations.

Vuk - Barefoot in Arizona

Vuk - Flint In The Pines

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