Friday, January 8, 2010

What's new in the next decade?

I'm not going to joke about it, 2009 was a great year. A ton of shows, an even more number of evening dance events, and meeting some great people. I've had lots of visits from out-of-towners that I need to return the favor to and I'm experiencing the pending return of Intro Body. I've seen the rise and fall of bangers (hopefully), discovered music that isn't joke rap (think Benzino) for the first time in college, and went to a decent handful of Coachellas and Lollas (SXSW's are next). Its difficult for me to grasp the fact that this is a new set of 10 years (2000's were the noughties, we're in the tens or teens now? there's no good way to say it) seeing as I lived through a millennial transition with some heavy playing of the artist-formerly-known-as. Regardless I've got some things to look forward to:

Possible Gary Numan & Little Boots collab?? To those readers who are unfamiliar, imagine taking someone as seminal and experienced in the electronic music world like Kraftwerk and mix with a rising star with angelic voice who already has a set of pop tracks underneath her belt. Numan is responsible for a vast set of influences not least of which are Basement Jaxx, Nine Inch Nails, etc. I only have I, Assassin (remember, there are two ass's in assassinate) and I think half of it is decent and the other half is rubbish, or at least I've never been in the proper mood to relish, but you should appreciate the era this stuff was made in. By the way, read this post about Numan.

New Albums Coming Out
19Jan, Spoon - Transference
26Jan, Beach House - Teen Dream
-Beach House - Walk In The Park
26Jan, The Magnetic Fields - Realism
-The Magnetic Fields - Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree
9Feb, Hot Chip - One Life Stand
23Mar, Goldfrapp - Head First

Jam Shows
Passion Pit, La Roux, King Sunny Ade, Miike Snow, Vitalic, The xx x2, Hot Chip

Things To Do
Go to SXSW, attempt to go to all the events I list on here, learn to play the keyboard, run, design shit, buy a vcr, dj more, blog more, facilitate more hand holding, get out of the country.

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