Monday, January 11, 2010

The Doctor

Compliments of Jonty.

I have to throw this one up here. I didn't grow up watching the show, but Dr. Who was big in the UK with a theme song that is leaps and bounds better than Knight Rider's or possibly any of these.

Speaking of doctoring, I'm always into analyzing how any particular track is made. It sucks to be at a show and not being able to stop that automatic drive, which is where the booze comes in. I'm pretty sure I can deconstruct rhythmically most songs, but tweaking and finding sounds is a whole different arena. Watching this video gives me a whole new appreciation for The Prodigy. This guy managed to reconstruct Smack My Bitch Up using Ableton, which is impressive, however The Prodigy managed to do it back in the mid-90's without any CuBase's, Abletons, or m-Audio anythings. Maybe my ignorance of their methods it what elevates is to a perceived level, but no doubt The Prodigy has talent.

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