Sunday, January 24, 2010

Refresher Course

My morning commute normally is comprised of songs that aren't just stale in my car, they are downright turning rotten. I'm not home long enough after work to ever really play anything but some random things that fill in my void. On those uncommon Sunday mornings and post-nap 2am weeknights, I get a chance to delve into those morels in my pantry. Such a fancy feast includes this compilation from Sympathy for the Record Industry aptly named "Alright, This Time Just The Girls, Volume 2".

The A-lines - Four
Matson Jones - A Little Bit of Arson
Candypants - Nerdy Boys

Favourite line: "Why don't you take off those tight-whiteys. No, I don't think you're butt is pasty... it reminds me of the sands of Tattooine."

Normally, my judgement of music relies on how well my k├Ârperteile respond to the aural-to-pelvic triggers found in Out Hud or Vitalic. Not to say that this album doesn't garner a similar experience, it just does it by injecting emotion via my left hemisphere. Find it and listen to it.


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Hey! Isn't that my CD? Where is that thing? -Sam