Saturday, October 4, 2008

Speaking of Slavery...

...last night I went around town to say 10 different bars, 3+ of which I've never been to: 50/50 on division, Exit on north ave, Neo on clark to be specific. Damn it was dead almost everywhere I wanted to be and full everywhere I didn't (save Davenport's on Milwaukee which had a 6-person karaoke party in the back). I think we spent more on cab rides than liquor.


the discovery of the night was Neo. I've wanted to go there for a while now, but never had the chance to. Dark, industrial, electro, rave, darkwave, goth pumpers (bangin' w/o bangers, jamming w/o jams). Seriously, I have not gone that legitimately nuts while sober in a while. I danced for about 2 hours straight and I actually went to the DJ and asked for Underworld. "This is Underworld, buddy." Ha. I really am not part of that scene, just butterflying to it for the music, but I have to go there again.


If you don't have this, GET IT. Oh man just listening to it right now puts me in a chill frenzy.

P.S. For the non-techie readers: the link is in OGG format. If you have iTunes, I recommend installing this guy. You copy the file from the mounted disc image into your /Library/Components directory and restart iTunes.

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