Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tonsilus Maximus

What have I been doing? Off for a week from work already and I haven't written about anything here? The last thing I got in the mail was from Australia (did you know that if you're Australian, you can work in England no problem?) and it was this album by Cut Off Your Hands. It is not electro, sorry, but powerpop (is that like intelligent dance music but less pretentious and more authoritarian?)

Cut Off Your Hands - Happy As Can Be
Cut Off Your Hands - Expectations

I think they're pretty catchy and should be played on the WLUW. I honestly don't know how I heard about these guys, although I do know that I've got D is for Disco E is for Dancing (made by Modular's Bang Gang DJ's) that comes with a 90x40cm sweat rag coming from the same place I got COYH. That should be here by Halloween hopefully. That is more typical Conrad. If the teaser does its proper foreshadowing, this is to be highly recommended.

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