Sunday, October 12, 2008

A voice to be heard.

..image nicked from here.

Strangely enough, Robin Pecknold was wearing the exact same thing at the Metro that he has on in this pic from a show from 6Oct. He even made the comment that for whatever reason, an audience member shouldn't come up to him because he "isn't hot" due to the fact that his clothes were worn wet since there was no dryer at the Metro.

Man can that guy sing.

He's also fantastic at guitar since he can use all his fingers and not just strum. What was kind of cool was that they had an on-stage conversation about corn (which digressed from who would win, Corn or McCain?, and an audience guy said, naturally, Corn) and they started talking about whether or not there were any songs about corn (excluding Jimmy Crack Corn, which apparently has a storied past). Anyway, he then started to play "Colours of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas. Damn. That guy can sing.

I think the best song that was there was this one, which was just him soloing.

Fleet Foxes - Oliver James

I have to say that this album version doesn't do it justice on stage. His voice just pierces your soul. I kind of just wanted to sit down and pass out from a wave of an aurgasm. Or maybe it was his clothes...

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