Sunday, March 8, 2009

24 25 hours a day

This song has been on my myspace profile for... oh I don't know... a year at least. Partially because I never log onto myspace anymore and also because it is such a chill groove that I have no reason to change it to anything else.

25 Hours A Day - Mother Afrika

After a self-myspace check, I hypemachined him and found an Ohh! Crapp post with all these other tracks. Tres bonne.

Charlotte Gainsburg - The Operation (25 Hours A Day Remix)

It's true, this guy is underhyped. You know what's genius on this track: around 1:25 the singular kick-snare. It's so simple, such common sounds, but it placed so well that you wonder why you're in the mood to jump. I haven't heard the original, but I'm rather enamored with this track right now. I really hate thinking about deconstructing music, especially on the first go of listening to it, but it's an automatic litmus test in that if I feel that I could come up with what I'm listening to, or that 'I could have thought of that' or 'I can play that' moment that the mystique is gone. I don't have that problem with this guy. By the way, he's an unsigned producer in Paris. Someone get this guy a plane ticket!

Cassius - See Me Now (25 Hours A Day Remix)

Alex Gopher - Carmilla (25 Hours A Day Remix)

Phoenix - Long Distance Call (25 Hours a day Remix)

Hey look at that, another French group. Apparently Phoenix, Daft Punk, and Air are all cut from the same cloth in that at some point in their histories they were intertwined in bands. One of the members (Laurent Brancowitz) was in a band named Darlin' before he joined Phoenix. The other two members of Darlin' were Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. P.S. Don't watch Electroma.

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