Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maria Eisen is a Badass

I got invited to Morseland to hear my friend play in one of her bands (she's in about 10). After seeing her mother and pop for the first time in I don't know how many years ("Hey, so what ever happened to you being a chef, Conrad?") she then introduces me to the lead singer of Rubblebucket Orchestra, Kalmia. Pretty, a little shy, but so far winner by association (and by her light red (not pink) dress wardrobe selection).

After trying to have conversation with my company, I find it too distracting from the music. This is not what I would normally be listening to: a crooning madame backed by chill afro-funk. Maria is playing bari sax and rocked it; I haven't seen her yet not. Not only that, the trunk of Maria's musical branches was there too playing soprano sax.

I've always associated that clarinet of an instrument with Kenny G, which in turn gave it a very sour stigma in my mind. No more. Anyway, I got their CD hoping that Maria would be on it, but I didn't see her in the liner notes. The album doesn't do the live show justice (which is saying a lot). À Bientôt Maria until you grace Chicago again.

Rubblebucket Orchestra - Rubblebucket

Rubblebucket Orchestra - Kuma

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