Friday, March 27, 2009


I just returned from a Booka Shade show. I was tired at 9pm and sleepstanding in the hallway when Sam return and asked me if I was sleepstanding. It's funny how it is such hard work to get the desire to go to a show on a school night. Could I miss the show and still be ok? Is it really going to be that awesome? Naturally, the gamble is there and depending on who is play and what the crowd is like it can turn out a number of ways. But I tell you this: If you had a desire in the past to go, go, and stand in the fucking front and center and dance it. The Booka Shade show beat Cut Copy by 3:1. After sleeping in my contacts the night before making exposure to anything more than 3 candlepower an excersize in sustained squinting, the sign warning me before the show "This show has intense strobe effects" did not bode well for my well-being. Just the RGB lights on stage prior to anything even happening cause a retinal aversion to everywhere but the floor. Bite it, and dance through it.

No there are no pictures. No i'm not posting a song. Perhaps you are disappointed. Know this: if you ever get a chance to see them live, you better go for it and do what I did right in front of them to where the beatmaster (the other guy was just playing electrodrums over a beat) looks at you straight away and opens his eyes momentarily at you suggesting "yeah, this is pretty good eh?" while you answer as a dancer.

Thank you Christopher for reminding me and quasi-dragging me out.

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