Saturday, November 7, 2009

Exhibit A: More Vitalic

I'm feeling very anxious right now. I've got so much energy that I decided to... blog. It is a gorgeous day (gorges!) and although I already had a promenade on the boulevard du Logan, I need more. I saw my friend Kevin last night with his brother and cousins, I had brunch with Ileya and her husband today -- who else is visiting Chicago now?

Since I was listening to the D is for Disco mix, it's high time I clean out my cupboards of all the albums from the last month or two I've been holding out on you guys with. Exhibit A is Flashmob. I can't really say that it's typical Vitalic because I only have one other album to base him off of, but I can say like OK Cowboy there is a healthy mix of what I would relegate into a dream-acid-jam category as well as the more intense hair-flaunting, armpit-licking, visage-punching intensity I (you) know and love.

Vitalic - Still
Vitalic - Poison Lips

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