Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Remembering being chilled out

So I just got the blue Memory Tapes LP. It is great. This guy, Dayve Hawk needs to come into town for sure. I don't know if you're into sparsely dancy, electronic, dream-pop, but after a quality eve of finding a Hugo Boss suit (named The Connery on the tag) that fits me perfectly on the super cheap at consignment (had to brag) and some quality Cesar's and hookah, Memory Tapes is all kinds of fantastic right now. Here's a mini-mix from Aug09:

Memory Tapes - Magic Sequence

01. clip from See Magic bonus disc
02. Memory Tapes - "Green Knight"
03. East Hundred - "Hammerhead (Weird Tapes Version)"
04. Memory Tapes - "Bicycle (garage boombox take)"
05. clip from Seek Magic bonus disc
06. Memory Tapes - "Plain Material"
08. Fools Gold - "Nadine (Memory Tapes Version)"
09. clip from Seek Magic bonus disc

(tracklist from p4k)

It is some sort of wonderful. Dayve is a very prolific artist with Wierd Tapes, Memory Tapes, and Hail Social all under his belt. Hail Social isn't around anymore unfortunately, but here's a track that I dig. Pulsating with melodic overtones and a simple yet effective bassline.

Hail Social - Paralyzed
Hail Social - Heaven (Anoraak mix)

You'll recognize Anoraak from the Valerie Collective of folk. More winners. Dig through their folks' stuff.

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Dedric said...

Dude, memory tapes is really really rad