Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving

Wow. This was an amazing weekend. Honestly, I think year after year my life gets better and better. You know, I always showcase people from everywhere else and hardly from Chicago. Our local scene is fantastic. All the random house parties, the neighborhood DJ's, the local celebrities, and even the local-turned-national celebrities make my nightlife a true pleasure to live in. Sonotheque is a dream now but my other favorites the Hideout, Smartbar, Logan Auditorium, Debonaire and Empty Bottle are still going strong. Lincoln Hall just opened up, we're getting a Beauty Bar, and the Empty Bottle is opening a new place in Logan Square that has a place to nap? There's a new record store in my hood, I discovered Johnnie's Beef in Elmwood Park, I just ordered two Sergio Mendes and Brasil 65 LP's. Oh, and my roommate is great.

Although I still think Moneypenny together are just ok, divided they conquer my flabbergasted feet. Highlights from the weekend are:
Darkwave Disco DJ's
LA Riots
Rose and her flygirls at Dragonlady Lounge
Mother Hubbard (Chess Hubbard)
Bald Eagle (Chris Baronner)
Willy Joy
Hey Champ DJ's
Million $ Mano (Emmanuel Nickerson) even though he just hosted, he is still tight.

Prime dancing



Money Mike said...

Nice pics! Thanks for posting. My props to Mr. Sam.

Anonymous said...

you got a pic of my boyfriend in the background.

alanna said...

omg. a place to sleep? do you know how sexy that sounds? automatic hook-up ease sans the embarrassment of bringing folks home. or...just fun sleepover parties where you don't have to clean up after your doofus compadres.