Friday, June 26, 2009

4sec samples

I've realized that my new favorite thing is getting a group of about 15-20 people and just taking over a random dive bar that otherwise would have more bartenders than customers. Playing pool and conversing this song came on the jukebox

Tina Turner - I Can't Stand the Rain

right after

Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein

Tutti gusti son gusti, but it's no secret that I love the 80's pop sound bleeding over into italo disco. I don't care how much flak I get for putting these up. The songs in their entirety aren't exactly what I'd listen to, but rather little snippets: the initial vocal chord of Alice Cooper, the intermittent synth power chords with Tina Turner, and her arpeggiated bass line. Truth be told, I like this version better as a song

Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand the Rain

I do like parts of Tina Turner's voice on the track because it reminds me of a black Alison Moyet. Maybe the track harks to my deep desire to constantly jam to Yazoo with its minimal backing track thereby accentuating the her vocals.

I didn't like hair metal until I started listening to WLUP in the summer of 2000 driving around in my dad's 1987 Camry that would overheat in the summertime and then you'd have to crank up the heat to full blast to get it to cool off. I took that car to see Bon Jovi in Tinley Park then listened to an all Bon Jovi set on The Loop afterwards. After a Scorpions concert or three, it further crystallized the 80's in me.

Side note to Jimbo Baggins:

Remember when we drove back from the Bon Jovi concert and we saw the construction worker guy driving in front of us throwing sandbags on the horses? He kept missing until he finally got one, we honked, he yelled, we gave thumbs up, he smiled.

Honestly the only reason this song is back on the radar for me is because I recently saw Wayne's World again and forgot how sweet Alice Cooper is in it.

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