Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another cutsie-poo video

First of all: Rose, we're really sorry for missing your birthday party.

Second, here is a video invite to a wedding. Maybe I'll crash it.

I just had a concept for an art show. Sam was just putting tacky paper on the back of a Michael Jackson puzzle in our place that has been up for a while, but the paper is what you would use normally to line your cupboard shelves. As he turns it around, he exposes the puzzle. Now, what if the entire show was of paintings with a normal pattern on the one side, however it is your job as a viewer to turn around the painting and look at the other side, which has the real artwork. It is a bit like unwrapping a present, however I think it'd be a joke for me just to stand there and look at people looking at the art and not understanding why are they at a gallery opening for shelf lining.


rose said...

i suppose i'll forgive you. someday.

i really need to make more stop-motion movies.

Larry Nguyen said...

I was just talking about the Michael and Bubbles puzzle the other day to Wendy.

I'll have to update her about this new "interactive" subversion of this work of art.

Hey I'll see you on Friday?