Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Granted I'm still smoking the same hookah from before, I can't in all honestly do two posts about chill tracks; that's not me. I figure it was time to delve into the more upbeat stuff that I received some time ago from the Victorian era region.

Handsome Furs - Legal Tender

Dan Boeckner's voice reminds me of Philip Oakley of the Human League. Sorry, ADD here. Human League = 80's -> octavian chord progressions. In the same vein of the same playlist from the same gal this track is worth mentioning

Metronomy - Holiday

Metronomy - A thing for me

I don't really want to write about these songs. I am too focused on lower appendage perturbations. Where is that impromptu dance party that I keep trying to start?

Wow. I could never write for Pitchfork if I keep this up.

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