Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where there's fire

Whenever I smoke the hookah nowadays, I'm reminded of that one evening where I took my first trip to Neo and then came back to watch Blade Runner on mute, listen to dubnobasswithmyheadman by Underworld, and smoke. It's too bad that no one was there to accompany my retreat into my personal relaxation chamber that was my living room. Right now, my body is drained from an evening of egotistical happiness, 5hrs of sleep, a morning of biking on Father's Day, mother's steak, but I have a restless mind of self-reflection. I tried to nap but whereas my korperteil is tired, my brain is not: hence hookah.

Múm - Behind Two Hills,,,,A Swimmingpool

Múm - We Have a Map of the Piano

The internet has been out at the place for about a week now, and I don't blog at work so I figure I write some stuff in textedit (notepad) to pass the time. Mum is one of those groups that is heavy on the ambient chill, meaning there is a flurry of background noise (to me, but some can argue that it is DnB) with the overtones of simpler, slow relaxation in the foreground that you can nod (off) to.

Styrofoam - It Wouldn't Change a Thing

Styrofoam - Forever, You Said Forever

Exhibit B is Styrofoam. I find similarities in peoples faces all the time as if God ran out of genetic permutations and localized them enough such that I could discover them. It is more that certain folk trigger a familiarity and even though I say "Hey isn't that Cheryl?" I should really be asking my companion of that moment "Hey, that looks like Cheryl, no?" However, auditorily, I got it right with Styrofoam and my then companion in late college verified (she was good like that); it is a project by Arne Van Petegem with Markus Acher, (part of The Notwist). The structural concept is similarly in line with Múm's style although the tone is rather melancholy. I wonder if there is a genre name for these guys. (Wikipedia says glitch electronica)

Now if you excuse me, I will retire to my radishes...

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