Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anything is better than Girl Talk

I'd have to say that I was within the whirlwind of hype that is Girl Talk. I was interested in the concept of mostly hooks and only 20sec of any song. However, it's like eating just the frosting off a bunch of cupcakes: you never get into the substance. As a result, your teeth (brain) rot. It's great for the ADHD youth of the nation but why promote it? I shouldn't be likening Pretty Lights to Girl Talk, but he does plenty of sampling and seamless puts them all together. I guess a better comparison would be to an earlier RJD2 who used primarily all samples (versus now where he writes his own stuff). This sound is similar in groove, downtempo, chill step, whatever to RJ.

Good news for you, all of Derek Vincent Smith's stuff is available for free at his website. Why? I don't know; I'd probably buy an album and play it for the babies. Give the guy some money, folks. In the meantime...

Pretty Lights - Cold Feeling

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